About Us

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Victor Alpha's sole purpose is to give back to the military community that gave us so much. If you've ever served, you're more than likely aware of who the USO is, and what they do.


Due to their extreme support, and selfless service to the military community, we've decided to build a company from the ground up that donates 25% of all our profit back to the USO, and to Disabled American Veterans.


The DAV organization is another fantastic resource that takes care of our wounded veterans. Unlike many other "donation" organizations, the DAV organization contributes immensely to the wellbeing of our wounded brothers and sisters.


Around the holiday seasons, many military families around the world struggle to make their holidays memorable. Everyone knows how much we make, it's no secret that unless you've worked your way up the ranks, you're not making great income in the service. Due to this, the holiday season is the giving season for Veteran Apparel.


We search the web for various families who genuinely deserve a little extra support for the holidays. Whether it be money to get home, or food for their table, Veteran Apparel gives back!


Donation Breakdown:

January - June: 25% of our profits go to the USO

July - September: 25% of our profits go to the DAV

October - December: 25% of our profits go to low-income military families on a case by case basis