How Humor Can Change Morale

We've all been there... the shitty early morning wake up, toxic leadership, unnecessary added bullshit. People love the saying "you signed up for this" - but did you really?


The answer is no, you didn't sign up to have morale lower than a midget limbo contest... you signed up for what you signed up for - to serve. Whether you're a cook, a grunt, or a full-fledged SF Delta SEAL Ranger (it's satire, we know that's not real), you didn't sign up for depression.


So why does it happen to damn near everyone? The answer is simple, the mentality is to "sit down, shut up, and listen". While that's necessary sometimes, the cycle that today's military and first responder community has fallen into has become ever scarce of real humor. 


Donny O'Malley (the founder of Vet-TV) said it best, "humor saves lives". He is so right it's almost painful how more people don't see it. Think about it, when you're having a terrible day and see something on social media, or even something someone says that makes you laugh, almost instantly (if even for a second) you forget that you hate how the day is going and you're able to escape into a type of humor-euphoria. 


That's why we started incorporating humor into Victor Alpha, because laughter really is the best medicine, and to be funny is to truly be Never Ordinary. We hope that our crazy antics and sometimes lunacy can put some of the "why" back into why you're serving.

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